Let food be your medicine...

… and medicine be your food!

Recalling Hippocrates, who grounded health in education, working on prevention and promoting healthy habits. Biological processes in relation to the vitality and nutritional quality of daily food, thereby sustaining health processes.                                                  

Our pedagogical purpose is grounded in considering the vital processes that take place in human biology, including nutrition and regeneration. Within the integrative biological approach, the forces and processes of the living organism are the ones that restore health, and these processes and functions always obey the same general principles of life; the force and process by which the organism develops and maintains itself, are the same by which wounds are healed and health is restored in case of illness.

“The body is entirely sick… No illness is strictly confined to a single organ”, A. Carrel.

We recognize our body as a living organism, and as such it requires life to live. The proposal is to get to know ourselves more deeply and to study the phenomena of life that shape our human nature. Thus, a biological approach encourages us to understand the complex network of relationships and interactions that sustain health from a holistic perspective and to conceive our body as a wholeness. 

How closely our health is related to biological rhythms, such as breathing, nutrition, regeneration and elimination?

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are”,

Adelle Davis


We highlight the relevance of biological processes involved in increasing food vitality and nutritional quality, without overlooking the importance of soil fertility, agricultural production and other dimensions that affect the quality of our daily food. We do not only nourish ourselves with a combination of chemicals and calories, but also, and above all, with the vital energy that lives in food.

It is not an isolated substance that nourishes itself, but its action depends on a complex network of relationships and interconnections that are woven between the substances. The food we eat every day affects our chemistry, our energy, our biology and psychology. And when we say ours, we are not only talking about our human cells, but about our entire inner micro-ecosystem, about all the life that inhabits us. Nowadays, medicine defines many diseases as psychosomatic. Could we actually think of them as somatopsychic?

Health is what you make of it. Our holistic perspective is not only a proposal to improve nutrition and expand our knowledge of biology, but to review the underlying way of thinking, as a prelude to the path of our actions. In particular, it is the way we conceive of our health that ultimately shapes our habits and lifestyle. It is about questioning what we have accepted as normal and our limiting assumptions about it; and cultivating the ability to observe our body with new eyes, in order to understand its processes and its dynamic nature.

All this is based on simple and fundamental questions:

Why and what do we eat?
How do we embody this knowledge with concrete actions in our daily lives?

Biological Consultations

The Biological Nutrition Consultation enables us to explore and review daily life habits (biological habits), including everyday nutrition, energy quality and emotions, physical activity, rest, bowel movements, current organic disorders and other signs that speak to us about our health processes.

Our biological approach aims to consider each person from its multiple dimensions, considering our organic constitution (physical body), our vital functions and biological rhythms (energy level), emotions and mental aspects, as well as our interrelationship within the context where we live. Providing this wholeness perspective, we can take conscious decisions towards an energetic and balanced vitality. 

Through our personalized consultations, we encourage you to cultivate a new way of seeing our human biology, re-educate the way we conceive our health, start listening to our body and interpret its signals (symptoms) to recognize our basic needs.

This accompaniment is a possibility to integrate simple resources and tools in relation to nutritional and detoxifying practices that contribute to health self-management and autonomy.

Throughout these meetings, we will design a Biological-nutrition plan that will be a practical guide for self-management towards the consolidation of healthy habits in your daily life.

Which is the purpose of this consultation?

Whenever we need to improve our nutrition and review our daily habits, we generally perceive a lack of knowledge and experience to carry out a lifestyle that favors health, promotes vitality and a balanced energy condition. 

We are sometimes driven by the need to lose weight, while in other circumstances our own “disease” acts as an essential trigger for change. However, in other situations, we simply take the decision because we internally feel that this is the right moment to go through a personal transformation.

Suppressing symptoms or attending to the signals of our body?

A symptomatic approach, either from allopathy or from a “more natural” perspective, silences the symptom but does not solve the problem. It usually happens that after a while the symptom reappears with greater intensity or becomes a “new symptom”. On the contrary, our biological approach aims to promote health by solving the imbalance from its deepest causes (from the roots of the problem). It focuses on nutrition and detoxification of blood, lymph, tissues and vital organs, favoring oxygenation, alkalization and vitalization of the whole organism.


For whom is the biological nutrition approach?

For all those people who wish to return to a balanced vitality and health as a lifestyle. To become aware of the importance of food as our primary medicine, that supports a healthy mental, emotional and spiritual development. For all those who decide to address the care of their own body through health and not through disease, thus developing the natural ability of recognizing what nourishes us and cultivating our organic intelligence that connects us with food in a genuine way.

In order to achieve this goal, it is highly relevant to start listening to our body and awake our “organic intelligence” that is much more than rational or intellectual thinking. It is interesting to start from a simple and small action, and sustain it for a while until consolidating a new habit. For this purpose, we need energy, perseverance, patience and tolerance. However, the benefits are evident when the action is assimilated, when we embodied a new habit that transforms our life and that we daily enjoy.

Small steps, big changes.

Everything that we can do to improve our health, however small, represents the base of great changes. The greatness dwells in the small details. Sometimes we think that we must undergo drastic efforts to visualize a meaningful change. Rather, the small changes sustained over time constitute the foundation stone of the deepest and most radical transformations. An example we usually use is the drop of water that falls on the stone. We all know how the story ends: “The drop erodes the stone not by its strength, but by its constancy”.

How we will organize the biological nutrition consultation?

During the first meeting:

  1. We will review your clinical history and we will analyze the three essential aspects: human biology, body cleansing habits and vitalizing nutrition in your daily habits.
  2. According to your particular situation, we will establish the first steps to consolidate habits for detoxification processes.
  3. In the same way, we will agree on the first guidelines of healthy nutrition to vitalize your daily food.

In this way, we will consolidate a proposal of a Biological nutrition plan to promote the reeducation of daily cleansing and nutritional habits.

In the following consultations we will review the initial Biological nutrition plan taking into account the following aspects:

  1. We will analyze your improvements in relation to: human biology, body cleansing habits and vitalizing nutrition, according to the suggested proposals.
  2. Doubts and concerns that arise as a result of changing habits will be solved.

We will gradually integrate new techniques and practices to promote health self-management in relation to nutrition and detoxifying aspects. We will go through vitalizing processes such as activation, germination and fermentation, together with useful recipes favoring intestinal microbiota health; as well as body cleansing habits, through herbal and deworming protocols, and other simple tools.

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"Part of healing is in the will to heal"
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Pedagogical approach integrating science, biological nutrition and arts by promoting connection with nature and awareness towards healthy food and daily habits.


Holistic nutrition and regenerative health

Living sciences focused on human biology, vitalizing the processes involved in nutrition and detoxification habits as the foundations of health.

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Biological Consultations

Biological approach for health self-management and autonomy in day to day life

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