Integrative Biology

Our body is a living organism and as such it requires life to live.

Our pedagogical purpose is grounded in considering the vital processes that take place in human biology, including nutrition and regeneration. The proposal is to get to know ourselves more deeply and to study the phenomena of life that shape our human nature. Thus, a biological approach encourages us to understand the complex network of relationships and interactions that sustain health from a holistic perspective and to conceive our body as a wholeness.

How closely our health is related to biological rhythms, such as breathing, nutrition, regeneration and elimination? We highlight the relevance of biological processes involved in increasing food vitality and nutritional quality, without overlooking the importance of soil fertility, agricultural production and other dimensions that affect the quality of our daily food. All this is based on simple and fundamental questions: 

Why and what do we eat?

How do we embody this knowledge with concrete actions in our daily lives?

Children as seeds of future

“Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see”  Neil Postman

Our healthy habits, like seeds, are cultivated during early age. Connection with nature, environmental awareness and sustainability, sense of responsibility towards life processes, cognitive and affective skills, engagement to healthy food and healthy eating habits. Formal and informal learning spaces integrating sciences, nutrition and art. Motivation, curiosity, imagination and joy!

Health is what one makes of it...

... and any effort is light on habit.

Our holistic perspective is not simply a proposal to expand our knowledge of biological processes that support health, but also to review the underlying way of thinking, our affective engagement with food, as a bridge to our actions. The way we conceive health, shapes our habits and lifestyle.

One world, one health

“If we want to stay and prosper on this planet, we have to reconcile our needs with the limits of the biosphere” 
Vaclav Smil

We need to return to sustainable ways of cultivating, producing and consuming our food. Food is much more than just sustenance; it represents a network of relationships. How are we involved in this web of life? Reclaiming our food means getting actively and healthily involved within this network.

Germinating Life …

... cultivating a Pocket Garden.

Teaching-learning guide for children and educators with meaningful and experiential activities to experience the process of seed germination; integrating science, nutrition and art. This book is an inspiring didactic material for educational contexts, considering that the germination process is a topic included in every school’s Natural Science curriculum.

The seed invites us to discover its mysteries integrating both the intellectual and affective domains, by studying the living process of plant development in the shoes of a scientist, a chef and an artist. “Germinando Vida” was first published in 2017, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The second publication in its English version was improved with the support of Peter Reichenbach from Sevengardens global network. 

We are currently facing a serious and critical environmental crisis and we, as human beings, are one more species among all those that inhabit the face of the earth. We need to cultivate a sense of wholeness, understanding that nothing of the living is separate from us. We need to develop a global vision in the face of the complexity of the current challenges in the world, and this is possible, not by moving away from the real world, but by the opposite, through the experience, study and observation of the phenomena in nature. Today, it is urgent to promote and return to a meaningful education increasing our responsibility for our home which is the planet earth. The book "Germinating Life, cultivating a Pocket Garden", can inspire teachers and parents to go the way towards nature through meaningful activities for children! It is acknowledging us as part of the biosphere and promoting a greater awareness of the biological processes present in the natural environment, in healthy food and in our human nature. "Germinating Life" sheds new light on the importance of biological processes in living beings from a perspective of integrity, including the germinating seeds that experience a significant increase in vitality and nutritional value, thus improving our nutrition and metabolic processes. Foods that genuinely nourish us contribute to our health, while being respectful of all forms of life on the planet.
Michaela Glöckler
Medical Doctor - Pediatrician. Co-founder of Allianz ELIANT. Ex-head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland)
Today's childhood is characterized by a system of values of perfection, reliability, flexibility, promptness and competence. However, evaluation standards originate in an industrial era that was subject to a paradigm shift. Whether it is technology, climate change or global pandemics: our world is currently undergoing massive change. What we all need to learn are skills to live a happy life within a utopian value system. Qumara as a learning objective has the strengthening of existing informal skills of which we are not even aware: self-determination in the object of learning, fostering of subsistence, confidence, courage, attention, serenity, recognition of existential interdependencies, enthusiasm, foresight, responsibility, appreciation, added value, initiative. These are the competencies or skills that each human being can bring to a colorful society. And each one is unique and each one is competent in their own way and each one grows at their own pace.
Peter Reichenback
Artist - Founder of Sevengardens - RCE Ruhr - United Nations University
In this amazing teaching material that constitutes the book Germinating Life, the creativity, imagination and playful activities, make the classroom a workplace where the enthusiasm for learning prevails. In this way, a special space is recreated in which the experience and enjoyment of knowledge through the senses is very important, going from sensitive perception to conceptual knowledge. There is a state of amazement before what is conquered through active experience, being the child free to give her and his opinion, to make mistakes, to try methods and ways. All those who participate can reach successful results of understanding and performance through different paths. Germinating Life is a wonderful process in which the child perceives, goes through the experience and discovers by his/her own means, while inspiring the teacher to awaken curiosity and amazement. In this vital process, so enjoyable, the affective as well as the corporal and mental aspects have their place, to encourage the development of conscious, moral and joyful persons that discover the world they inhabit by being aware of themselves.
Laura A. E. De Ondarçuhu
Head of Eureka Educación del Pensamiento (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

What people say about us

... healthy experiences!
I consulted Qumara for a biological approach to my hormonal disorder, to complement the medical treatment. Honestly, it didn't take that long for me to change. I incorporated more fruits, green vegetables, kefir, sprouts and herbal cleansing protocols along with physical activity. After three months I repeated the lab tests with my regular doctor and I had achieved the expected hormone values and had lost weight and felt more vital.
M. R.
We are happy with the course; it inspired us a lot. We are living a week of great changes: we activated all kinds of seeds, we organized the fridge differently, we gave away the microwave, we increased the depuration instances and we are trying different foods. We enjoy making the change, more than the old way of eating. Thank you for everything you shared in class!
C. G.
Since I first met you, last year, I took part in two courses and I was impressed by the reliability, the expertise, the engagement, the background by which you do everything, how you communicate it and because you clearly experience and practice what you say.
A before and after... I was coming from ineffective results after an in vitro fertilization and thanks to the process I started with you I achieved an internal change that made me feel physically and spiritually full, vital and I accomplished the so wanted pregnancy!
V. G.
Dear people. I am touched by the noble task you do. And I look back over ten years since we met and I am the one who is grateful for all that you have taught me. I hope to continue walking with you, at least as long as life decides. I treasure and appreciate you very much.
M. L.
In April 2017 life crossed me with Luis and Cecilia. I was in the middle of my oncological treatment, looking for new paths in my healing process and they were there to accompany and guide me. It was a long and sometimes difficult process, but it was more than worth every change. In 2018 my doctor confirmed what we had been working on, the remission was complete. And so it worked, the change was radical for my whole life and forever. Thank you!
V. V.
My process with Qumara was based on self-awareness and respect for the body's biological processes. Lovingly accompanied and contained by two caring beings. My bodies, physical, mental and emotional found a place and a path of peace, love and self consciousness. With Qumara everything is much simpler.
S. M.
My experience in the courses on Healthy Nutrition was a before and after in terms of understanding the importance of food and its relationship with illness. Thanks to Cecilia and Luis, nowadays my children take Kefir every day, something that was unknown to us. Like so many other healthy habits that we incorporated. But what I most appreciate and admire about them is their interest in spreading health for everyone and teaching us that it is possible to change habits to have a healthier and more fulfilling life! Thank you!
M. C.


"Part of healing is in the will to heal"
alfalfa sprouts

Pocket Garden

A small garden that grows inside a jar! This is such a tiny world that you can keep it in a pocket!

germination and porotina


Pedagogical approach integrating science, biological nutrition and arts by promoting connection with nature and awareness towards healthy food and daily habits.


Holistic nutrition and regenerative health

Living sciences focused on human biology, vitalizing the processes involved in nutrition and detoxification habits as the foundations of health.

Red Apple On Tree In Apple Orchard

Biological Consultations

Biological approach for health self-management and autonomy in day to day life

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